About Us

 Asta Satellite for internet in Nigeria is avaliable and effecient to provide High – speed Internet connection anywhere in Nigeria. Below is who we are and what we are willing to offer to you 

New Asta Ka Band with speeeds of up to 20Mbps on the download. It is a satellite service that offers:

  • High Internet Speed at an affordable price.
  • Roll over Data plan.
  • Full Installation Equipment
  • Reliable Connections
  • Good customer Service
  • Asta Satellite for Internet in Nigeria and it respective satelite Dish for high connectivity.

Affordable Data Plans

Asta Satellite Broadband comes with amazing data plans and offers are affordable and  guarantee high speed internet in anywhere in Nigeria for business and individuals to use , surf the internet, watch your favourites show , Stream your meetings and various events online all with Asta Satellite for internet in Nigeria.

Why Us?

Asta Satellite Broadband in Nigeria through NewAsta company , is h here to bridge the digital trouble and problems and be your no.1, affordable, trusted broadband Internet connection. Asta is an Internet connection through satellite,  once the satelite dish is installed , you would be able to enjoy Asta Unlimited high speed internet ,which means it can be used anywhere in Nigeria, in remote locations, farms, villages, free trade zones, industrial parks ,lesuire parks, Malls,  super-markets, Shopping Malls ,your business places and anywhere you can think of. It is also very often installed in Cities for Enterprises, SMEs,  Organisations, Industrial companies or Home Users that are not satisfied and happy with the 3G, 4G or Traditional Network.

Asta’s technology is compatible with any ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV, Sage, Orion…) with application like CITRIX or Go-Global. This allows the deployment of mission critical ERP applications anywhere, even locations without fiber network. Asta is the most affordable satellite backup connectivity, increasing the Up Time of companies closer to 99.9%. 

Through NewAsta we can deliver high speed internet anywhere in Nigeria , putting smiles on the face of millions of business owners all over Nigeria and beyond, even Home users will get a full blast of our amazing work.

Do you need a internet access and hotspot connection in your business, church, hotel, supermarket or home? Contact Alternative Payment and Internet Services here: https://atpayis.com/. Atpayis offers:

  • Internet access via point to point service.
  • Internet access via hotspot zone creation.
  • Internet access via satellite.

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Asta Satelite for internet in Nigeria
Asta Satelite for internet in Nigeria
Asta Satelite for internet in Nigeria