Asta offers affordable high-speed satellite broadband with speeds of up to 20Mbps on the download. It is a satellite service delivered through a Ka-Band High-Throughput Satellite (HTS). Unlike traditional satellites which have a single beam to cover entire continents and regions, with the introduction of multiple spot beams and frequency reuse, Asta is capable of improving efficiency and increasing bandwidth by about 20x.

What is Asta?

Asta’s technology is compatible with any ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV, Sage, Orion…) with application like CITRIX or Go-Global. This allows the deployment of mission critical ERP applications anywhere, even locations without fiber network. Asta is the most affordable satellite backup connectivity, increasing the Up Time of companies closer to 99.9%.

Another key feature of Asta is our customer portal. Indeed, form your computer, you have access to your single or multiple Asta connections where you can easily monitor the bandwidth consumption, upgrade, downgrade and renew your subscription online. You can restrict or enable at any time heavy data consumption protocols like peer-to-peer, updates and streaming.

How do Asta works?

The Asta broadband satellite system is composed of a Satellite, a Gateway, and Customer terminals. The satellite will link customers to the gateway to connect to the Internet.

In other words, you no longer need to worry about fiber cable cuts or network congestion or power outages on terrestrial infrastructures. Sit back and let Asta deliver reliable and fast Internet access to you and your users.

Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria

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