Happy client, happy Asta. We are here to treat each of our client with the best customer services in all area we bring. Our customer representatives are on call 24/7 to attend to any difficulties that our clients may encounter in any of the service render to them.

We also assure our customers of High speed internet with Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria,we are tasked to serve you with the best of our abilities , from installation to activation to usage, NewAsta assures our customers strong customer support.

Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria


Our team is ever ready to meet any demands or difficulties that may arise in any of our site.

Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria


Our internet service are fast and reliable and ranges from 512KB to 3MB

Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria


Our team are well trained in carrying out tasks on any networking issue

Installation and Activation.

Asta Satellite Broadband

NewAsta offers installation and activation of Asta Internet Broadband Nigeria for high speed internet anywhere in Nigeria, this comes with a one-time installation cost of ₦30,000. Installing Asta Satellite Broadband gives unlimited data and internet speed which is a neccessity to every business , which is part of the solutions NewAsta is presenting to businesses through Asta Internet Braodband Nigeria.

Do you need a internet access and hotspot connection in your business, church, hotel, supermarket or home? Contact Alternative Payment and Internet Services here: Atpayis offers:

  • Internet access via point to point service.
  • Internet access via hotspot zone creation.
  • Internet access via satellite.