We bring you ASTA Satellite Broadband with no limits to how you can use your data, The satellite can guarantee you speed upto 20Mbps on download. The Satellite is powered by the latest technology of KA-BAND High Throughput with spot beams covering all the six geoplotical zones in Nigeria. Asta has it’s receiving dish designed to meet the weather condition and promising you high data delivery at all times.

Asta Satelite Internet Nigeria

Here at NewAsta, we offer Asta Satellite Broadband taliored for your business needs and requirements. Your Steady connection to unlimited Internet  is your backbone for everything, from e-mail communications with business clients to inter-company communication with co-workers and employees, data storage and proccessing , uninterrupted business transactions.

We are ever-ready to provide all the connectivity solutions for all requirements that your business would need : Satelite dish Broadband ,Unlimited data plans , Asta Unlimited Data , Asta High Speed Internet anywhere in Nigeria.

We are truly the best and Number One Satelite Internet Broadband In Nigeria  for business connectivity fully supported by our Efficient Customer Care department both here online and in our Physical office.
We are in a very much better position to grant you your service

Affordable data options

Choose the right data you need while you surf the Internet. Our Data Plan are Asta 5GB, Asta 10GB, Asta 20GB, Asta 30GB, Asta 50GB, Asta 100GB, Asta 200GB, Asta 2 Unlimited, Asta 3 Unlimited. Depending on your Internet needs as all plans except Asta 2 Unlimited, Asta 3 Unlimited comes with free Mid-night download starting from 12am – 6am given you the options of streaming large video content or large files all for free and you can enjoy speed upto 20Mbps on download and upload speed upto 3Mbps

We are #1 Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

To get started with NewAsta using asta satellite Broadband, please go over all of our ASTA  plans to let our operators know which one works best for your organisation!

We guarantee high-quality customer support service with high-speed Fiber-over-radio connections here in Nigeria. Enjoy fun family nights and loud friends parties at your place! NewAsta provides excellent speed to surf the interent with Asta high speed internet anywhere in Nigeria.

Do you need a internet access and hotspot connection in your business, church, hotel, supermarket or home? Contact Alternative Payment and Internet Services here: https://atpayis.com/. Atpayis offers:

  • Internet access via point to point service.
  • Internet access via hotspot zone creation.
  • Internet access via satellite.

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