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Welcome to New Asta

We bring you ASTA Satellite Broadband with no limits to how you can use your data, The satellite can guarantee you speed upto 20Mbps on download. The Satellite is powered by the latest technology of KA-BAND High Throughput with spot beams covering all the six geoplotical zones in Nigeria. Asta has it's receiving dish designed to meet the weather condition and promising you high data delivery at all times.

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Cheap and affordable Options

Our Data Plans

Choose the right data you need while you surf the Internet. Our Data Plan are Asta 5GB, Asta 10GB, Asta 20GB, Asta 30GB, Asta 50GB, Asta 100GB, Asta 200GB, Asta 2 Unlimited, Asta 3 Unlimited. Depending on your Internet needs as all plans except Asta 2 Unlimited, Asta 3 Unlimited comes with free Mid-night download starting from 12am - 6am given you the options of streaming large video content or large files all for free and you can enjoy speed upto 20Mbps on download and upload speed upto 3Mbps


Umendubisi Jerry. C

Director of ICT

Kingsley Goodluck

Head of Support

Emmah Samuel Kingsley


Antia Emmanuel P

Procurement Officer